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Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women – Top 10!

Friday December 7 2012

pregnant chick

Your partner or somebody you know has just announced they are pregnant! Hooray! Now you have to buy them a present. Less hooray. But since you are such a fantastic, wonderful and helpful person, you want to give her a fantastic, wonderful, and helpful gift.

But what?

Well, the obvious choices, of course, are baby things. Baby clothes, baby shoes, diapers, bottles, bibs and rattles. Perhaps the classic comedy baby grow or bib…These Fools Put My Cape On Backwards

But really, is this the most helpful gift? Remember, there are nine months between now and when your present will be approaching useful, and in that time your friend, girlfriend or wife will be going through an awful lot!

So here are some gift ideas for pregnant women, not for babies! After all, she is going to be doing all the work for the time being!

1. An Outfit she’s Going to Look Great in.

Rosie Pope Elbow Sleeve Back Interest Maternity Dress

One of the easiest to get wrong, one of the most rewarding to get right.

There comes a time when most pregnant women will feel like a beached whale. Being comfortable and happy when your pregnant is the most important thing of course, but if you get her something she looks fantastic in, she will wear it all the time. Trust us! have some lovely stuff, as do . Obviously everyone has their own style though, so have a look at Belly Dance Maternity’s excellent list of maternity brands and designers.


2. Something Comfy… and fun!

Kigu Tiger

Ok, so this one isn’t for everyone, but for those of your friends who would get a giggle out of being dressed as a unicorn, or a kangaroo, or a tabby cat, one of these Kigu onsies is perfect! Super comfortable, super warm, super fun and, lets face it, will most likely still fit when you are eight and a half months in!

Check out the Kigu’s site for more brilliant animals!


3. A BabyPing

Now, this really is one of the few “baby products” that is for the parents.

The BabyPing is a multi-award winning Video Baby Monitor that you view via your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Its high quality, totally invisible night vision (nothing lights up to wake up your baby) means you can see your baby clearly, day or night. Customizable cry alerts mean that you could have your phone in your pocket, be making a call or be surfing the web and it would let you know right away that your baby is crying.

You can even view it from anywhere in the world, so your pregnant friend can know that – as soon as the baby comes – she will have the piece of mind of knowing her baby is being monitored wherever she is! It is ideal when you have to leave the baby with a sitter, you can use it as a nanny cam to check in to see everything is ok.

For more information, just have a look at


4. A Cure for Morning Sickness.

Sea Band

Oh, you will be so very popular with this one! When that horrible nausea starts to take devastating hold, she’ll try ANYTHING to stop feeling like she just got off a roller coaster on a boat in the middle of a rough ocean.

The Sea-Band is generally considered the best for pregnancy induced sickness, and they aren’t even expensive! Ideal!


5. A Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage

The aches and pains caused by pregnancy are no joke, not by a long stretch.  So if you wan’t to be the ultimate, all time and everlasting best friend, book her in for a prenatal massage.

It is very important to be sure you are sending her to a qualified professional though. Someone who doesn’t know what they are doing can put pressure in the wrong places and, in some women, even trigger uterine contractions.

So do your research, and find somewhere near you that does know the difference between a sports massage and a maternity back rub!

Have a look at this helpful article to get a little more info about prenatal massages.

6. Some Time Off

Pregnant Night Off

Perhaps more of a best friend/partner present this one, but if you can take her other kids off her hands, send her to a little hotel for a night or give her a day at a spar, she will LOVE you. Honestly, Just the chance to read a book, sleep and relax will feel really good, and of course it is good for the baby. The closer to the birth the better too.


7. Bath time treats

Pregnant Bath

This is a classic, but it’ll do the trick! Some bath salts, lovely smellies and bath bombs are always good.  Obviously this is rarely a bad present for a girl, but having some luxary bits in the house so she can give herself a bit of a pampering on short notice is particularly important during pregnancy. She will need it, and when she does…

If you want a starting point, Lush have some really lovely stuff!

8. Baby Bump Painting

Bump painting

This is a new trend that we rather like! Its just a bit of fun of course, but it makes for a very cool photo!

This would be a particularly good present if you where pregnant too, so no one is doing it on their own.

Some women don’t like the idea of having there pregnant belly decorated, but others say it is a bit of a bonding experience for you and your bump.

Have a look around and find somewhere near you that does bump painting.


9. Pregnancy Photos

pregnancy photography

Just do a quick image search to see some really lovely, intimate pregnancy shots.  It’s very easy to find a photographer that does this now, and it isn’t all that expensive either!

Some people like a classy style photo, some like very natural, intimate shots, some like more jokey fun photos, some prefer to be nude for their shots!  Whatever floats your boat, this can be a lovely way to remember a very special time.

The above photo is by Simon Kemp from Hyde End Studios.


10. A V Shaped Pillow

v shaped pillow

You might be surprised how useful this is to a pregnant lady. It can help support their bump or back, which ever needs it most, and can be bent into whatever shape is needed.  It is especially useful as sleeping gets less and less comfortable and the pregnancy progresses.

Some people say it helpful for support when feeding their baby too, so it will continue to be useful after the birth!

You can get one fairly cheaply from Argos.


So there you have it, our top 10 tips for gifts to pregnant women.  Some practice  some fun, some clever, some obvious!  The truth is, as long as you don’t get her a massive cuddly toy that takes up half the living room and that wont be used for at least a year (read: ever), and as long as you don’t get her a bottle of champagne (for obvious reasons!), you should be fine.

So good luck! We hope you find what you need!

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