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Top 10 Royal Nursery Must Haves

Monday July 22 2013

Today is the day! Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a beautiful baby boy as the whole world looked on in anticipation. However, now that the prince is here, we’ve been thinking the little one will take after it’s Mummy & be overwhelmed by the glitz and glamour. So to help the wee one adjust, here is our affordable top 10 royal nursery must haves.

Let’s paint a picture – You have just given birth to the third in line to the throne and you’d think that you would be focused on decking out the little prince’s nursery with thousands of pounds worth of products. However this all changes when your mummy is Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the queen of the high street.

It is not a hidden fact that Kate loves the UK’s thriving high street fashion and often adorns them to many highbrow events. So with this in mind, here is our list of reasonably priced, high street ‘must have’ nursery gifts and gadgets fit for royalty.

Gro Egg


With all the hustle and bustle, Kate may forget how important her baby’s room temperature is when the little one is sleeping. We’ve picked the Gro-egg and its ingenious colour changing indicators as the thermometer of choice for the royal We.

Offering the new parents total peace of mind, the innovative Gro Egg will let them know at a glance when the temperature of their palace is just right for the sleeping prince.



Crowning Cradle


We can already imagine Kate and Wills singing lullabies and gently rocking their precious prince to sleep in this beautiful wooden cradle designed for royalty.

Stunning designs and quality mean the royal couple could be using this wonderful cradle for all of their forth-coming brood.



Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions


I’m guessing with all the press interviews and family gatherings, Wills and Kate will be suffering with some sore throats so to save them we’ve added Rockabye Baby to their nursery list, funking up classics tunes perfect for baby’s ears.

With the soothing sounds of the Beatles we imagine not only baby but Dad, Grandad and Great-Grandad all snoozing to these sounds.



BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


Rocking a rather large palace, the new parents are going to be looking for a baby monitor that can not only offer them lots of features but a great range.

Therefore we are adding our BabyPing. Connecting through Wi-Fi, they will not need to panic about range within Kensington Palace, plus when Wills is away on duty he’ll be able to look in via the BabyPing + app.





These two are always on their feet so when a pushchair won’t cut it we recommend Ergo.

Already a celebrity favorite this baby carry has ultra-comfortable straps that can be arranged to carry your baby on your front, back or hip plus it is available in lots of different colours, so Kate can accessorise hers to match perfectly with any outfit.





Little over budget but it is reportedly the stroller of choice for the royal couple, so we have had to add in the Bugaboo.

It’s the pushchair of choice for many with style and features coming together – now all we need to wonder is what colour and style the Duchess will be rocking.



Personalised Baby Grow


Since everyone in the world will know this little one’s name, why not emblazon it on a baby grow and what could be cuter than these 100% cotton, personalised playsuits.

PS. We’re still waiting on the name but we can’t wait to see it printed on one of these adorable baby grows.



Jungle Art cards


We love this collection of jungle art flashcards, you can put these around your child’s room to distract and entertain them when you’re changing a nappy or dressing them.

They are not exactly royal, however they are so useful and so cute that we are sure that every nursery should have them.



Nomad Travel


These Dutch cots make light work of travelling by public (or private) transport and would be perfect for the Royal pair for their constant traveling abroad.

They are super lightweight and collapse right down,  small enough to fit in a rucksack which the royal pair can then get someone else to carry :D.



Go Go bag 


These merino wool and organic cotton sleeping bags are the business. They are available in a number of adorable patterns and colours plus their natural temperature regulating properties mean that they can be used year-round, which is perfect since this little prince has be born in a total heat wave.


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