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The £3,000 giveaway! Win a BabyPing and so much more…

Friday August 16 2013

Our lovely friends over at Baby London have put together an awesome collection of prizes for won of their lucky readers to win – and its featuring none other than our famed BabyPing!

The 3K Giveaway


To be in with a chance of winning this stupendous competition, simply follow the instructions on the Baby London website here.

You can also earn more entries by following BabyPing on Facebook once you have signed up for the competition.

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Top 10 Royal Nursery Must Haves

Monday July 22 2013

Today is the day! Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a beautiful baby boy as the whole world looked on in anticipation. However, now that the prince is here, we’ve been thinking the little one will take after it’s Mummy & be overwhelmed by the glitz and glamour. So to help the wee one adjust, here is our affordable top 10 royal nursery must haves.

Let’s paint a picture – You have just given birth to the third in line to the throne and you’d think that you would be focused on decking out the little prince’s nursery with thousands of pounds worth of products. However this all changes when your mummy is Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the queen of the high street.

It is not a hidden fact that Kate loves the UK’s thriving high street fashion and often adorns them to many highbrow events. So with this in mind, here is our list of reasonably priced, high street ‘must have’ nursery gifts and gadgets fit for royalty.

Gro Egg


With all the hustle and bustle, Kate may forget how important her baby’s room temperature is when the little one is sleeping. We’ve picked the Gro-egg and its ingenious colour changing indicators as the thermometer of choice for the royal We.

Offering the new parents total peace of mind, the innovative Gro Egg will let them know at a glance when the temperature of their palace is just right for the sleeping prince.



Crowning Cradle


We can already imagine Kate and Wills singing lullabies and gently rocking their precious prince to sleep in this beautiful wooden cradle designed for royalty.

Stunning designs and quality mean the royal couple could be using this wonderful cradle for all of their forth-coming brood.



Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions


I’m guessing with all the press interviews and family gatherings, Wills and Kate will be suffering with some sore throats so to save them we’ve added Rockabye Baby to their nursery list, funking up classics tunes perfect for baby’s ears.

With the soothing sounds of the Beatles we imagine not only baby but Dad, Grandad and Great-Grandad all snoozing to these sounds.



BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


Rocking a rather large palace, the new parents are going to be looking for a baby monitor that can not only offer them lots of features but a great range.

Therefore we are adding our BabyPing. Connecting through Wi-Fi, they will not need to panic about range within Kensington Palace, plus when Wills is away on duty he’ll be able to look in via the BabyPing + app.





These two are always on their feet so when a pushchair won’t cut it we recommend Ergo.

Already a celebrity favorite this baby carry has ultra-comfortable straps that can be arranged to carry your baby on your front, back or hip plus it is available in lots of different colours, so Kate can accessorise hers to match perfectly with any outfit.





Little over budget but it is reportedly the stroller of choice for the royal couple, so we have had to add in the Bugaboo.

It’s the pushchair of choice for many with style and features coming together – now all we need to wonder is what colour and style the Duchess will be rocking.



Personalised Baby Grow


Since everyone in the world will know this little one’s name, why not emblazon it on a baby grow and what could be cuter than these 100% cotton, personalised playsuits.

PS. We’re still waiting on the name but we can’t wait to see it printed on one of these adorable baby grows.



Jungle Art cards


We love this collection of jungle art flashcards, you can put these around your child’s room to distract and entertain them when you’re changing a nappy or dressing them.

They are not exactly royal, however they are so useful and so cute that we are sure that every nursery should have them.



Nomad Travel


These Dutch cots make light work of travelling by public (or private) transport and would be perfect for the Royal pair for their constant traveling abroad.

They are super lightweight and collapse right down,  small enough to fit in a rucksack which the royal pair can then get someone else to carry :D.



Go Go bag 


These merino wool and organic cotton sleeping bags are the business. They are available in a number of adorable patterns and colours plus their natural temperature regulating properties mean that they can be used year-round, which is perfect since this little prince has be born in a total heat wave.


BabyPing shortlisted for Loved by Parents Best Video Monitor 2013

Wednesday June 5 2013


Our BabyPing Wi-Fi Video Monitor has been shortlisted for Loved by Parents’ Best Video Monitor 2013 and we would really love your support to help us win that gorgeous pink award.

In the last three years the Loved by Parents awards have grown from a start-up to one of the most prestigious awards within the Mother and Baby market, primarily because they use real families to test out the entered products, meaning only the best are selected to be shortlisted, and we’re one of them.

If you love your BabyPing, we would love your vote!

We are super chuffed to announce that our own BabyPing baby monitor was selected to be shortlisted for ‘Best Video Monitor’ beating off stiff competition to be listed 1 of 4 that made it to the final cut, but now we need your help.

The Awards will be announced September 2013 and your vote could make all difference to us, so please moment to vote for BabyPing and all your other favorite products.

To place your vote visit:

For more information on the awards and the full list of shortlisted products visit

Thanks for your vote and fingers crossed!


Do you need some mother’s day gift ideas?

Wednesday March 6 2013

The first question is this: When is Mother’s Day?!

It changes every year, it is impossible to remember but if you get it wrong you are in trouble… Well, in case you are interested, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the UK and USA at different times: In the USA Mother’s day falls on the second Sunday in May, whereas in the UK it is on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In 2013 that means it is on the 10th March in the UK and on May 12th in the USA.

Now we come to the second question: What should I get for mothers day?!

Actually, that should be what should I get, and for who? Obviously you need to get your own mum the perfect mothers day gifts, but if you have a partner who is or is about to be a mum, you will need yet more unique mothers day gifts – especially if her kids are too little to get her something themselves.

So here are a couple of Mother’s day gift ideas to get you started:


Belkin – Chef Tablet Stand and Stylus

Belkin - Chef Tablet Stand and Stylus

This very special mothers day gift is a cool and helpful tablet stand and stylus. Now you can use a recipe app without covering your iPad in flower and egg!


Opal Eyezone Massager


All mums like a good pampering, and this cool little device can do just that – this really is a special mothers day gift!

BabyPing Video Monitor


This is the ultimate mother’s day gift. Now you can know that your baby is safe and sound from wherever you are.

The BabyPing is viewed via an app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and is  packed with helpful features. High quality, totally invisible night vision (nothing lights up to wake up your baby) means you can see your baby clearly, day or night. Customizable cry  alerts mean that you could have your phone in your pocket, be making a call or be surfing the web and it would let you know right away that your baby is crying. You can even view it from anywhere in the world, so if you are spending this valentines day at a restaurant and leaving your little one with a sitter for the first time, you could use your BabyPing to check in and make sure all is well whenever you like.

Hot Chocolate Maker

HC maker

A Hot Chocolate on Mothers day? Yes please! This has proved to be one of the top mothers day gifts out there, just put in your favorite chocolate, some milk and get frothing! What a fab idea…

So there we are, some fantastic and unique mothers day gift ideas. With one of these you can’t help but be the most popular son, daughter or parent in her world!


Baby Food Recipe Resources

Wednesday February 20 2013


Baby food. What a potential mine field that can be!

First comes the difficult process of weaning  your little one onto solids. Then, horror of horrors, they start to reveal their opinions of what they do and don’t like…

At this point you need a whole head full of homemade baby food recipes. If the little monkey doesn’t like what you offer, you are expected to produce more and more recipes for baby foods. Not easy. Especially since, for some of us, just learning how to make baby food at all is a mission!

No, there is too much else to do than to spend hour after hour with a baby food blender coming up with ideas for baby food. What we need is someone else to do that for us…

Fortunately that is exactly what we have for you! Well, we don’t have someone who is actually going to cook the baby food for you, but they will tell you all of their baby food ideas, food ideas for toddlers and even baby shower food ideas – for free!

So here is our resource of the best baby food recipe sites out there. Don’t say we never spoil you…


Simply Baby Food Recipes

simply baby food recipes

Simply Baby Food Recipes describes it’s self as a provider of “Gourmet Baby & Toddler Recipes”. And they do look good!


Kid Spot

kid spot

Kid Spot Kitchen has a massive archive of recipes to sift through – you are bound to find something that your little one will love!




Weelicious, rather kindly, break their recipes up into baby food ideas, food ideas for toddlers, big kids recipes, breakfast, diary free, egg free, freeze well recipes… and more. You name it, they’ll tell you how to cook it!


Nurture Baby

nurturel baby

Nurture baby do us the favor of breaking recipes up into their appropriatness for babies of 4-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months or 12-18 months. This beautifully laid out site has all sorts of healthy baby food ideas to keep you going!


Super Healthy Kids

Super Healthy Kids

Unlike the others, Super Healthy Kids not only provides lots of lovely baby food ideas, it also provides you with some rather helpful week long meal plans to get stuck into. It EVEN has a year long, 3 meals a day balanced meal plan for kids that you can follow. Not bad!

The Most Beautiful Baby Shower Cakes

Friday February 15 2013

We recently did a post that listed our 10 favorite terrible baby shower cakes, and boy were some of them bad!

Since those cakes where fun, we decided it would be fun to do the opposite post – our favorite baby shower cakes! So whether you are looking for some baby shower cake ideas, some inspiration on how to make a baby shower cake or you just want to see some super pretty baby shower cake pictures, you are in the right place!

Baby Grow


 The perfect baby shower cake for a boy!

Baby Cake

cartoon baby

Sometimes it is best to just keep it simple (and cartoony!)

Beautiful Tree


We love this simple, effective design.

The Unisex Cake


This is a beautiful, classic design for a boy or a girl.

It’s a Boy!

its a goy

Very sweet cake for a boy here – again, sometimes simple is best!

Lovely Lion

lion 2

Add a lion to your baby shower ideas!

Lovely Lioness


The perfect baby shower cake for a girl!


Tortuous Cake

turtle baby shower cake

This little fella is a very unique baby shower cake, but a very sweet one too!

The Next Level Cake…

wonderland cake

This cake is just… amazing! An Alice in Wonderland themed cake – just beautiful (don’t try this at home!)

Baby Shower Cupcake

cupcake Don’t forget the cupcakes! Some very cool cake toppers here…

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